The standard for 9999 is 10km or more vis; however, it can also mean a visibility of 50 miles or less when used in the United States; which is what 


If the visibility is better than 10 km, 9999 is used. 9999 means a minimum visibility of 50 m or less. V x V x V x V x: The maximum horizontal visibility in meters. D v: In case of marked directional variation in visibility, the approximate direction of minimum and maximum visibility is given as one of eight compass points (N, SW, …)

Note: The WMO standard is to report visibility in meters, where 2800 represents 2,800 meters and 9999 represents a visibility greater than 9500 meters (9.5 km). Prevailing visibility METAR ist eine standardisierte Meldung in Kurzform, die die Wetterbeobachtung eines einzelnen Flugplatzes wiedergibt. Ursprünglich war METAR die Abkürzung für franz. Message d’observation météorologique régulière pour l’aviation bzw. 9999 10SM Visibility in meters Visibility in statute miles (U.S.) R04R4500VP6000FT Runway 4R RVR Runway visual range in meters (feet for the U.S.) Range value may be followed by a trend (D - down, U - up, N - no change, V - variable) for non-U.S. stations RA Weather and/or obstruction to visibility (see table) METAR Norra EUR. START - TAF - METAR Storbritannien, Tyskland ULMM 151630Z 15001MPS 9999 BKN047 02/M01 Q1022 RWY 13 CLEAR AND DRY 51-100 PCT LESS THAN 1 MM FCT 0 Visibility: 6 miles , 10 km: Cloud details: Few Clouds 671 m Partly cloudy 1219 m Mostly cloudy 2438 m: 2021/04/15 12:50 EGUW 151250Z 08012KT 9999 FEW022 SCT040 BKN080 08/02 Q1032 TEMPO 7000 SHRA SCT022 RMK BLU TEMPO WHT metar vrmt 140600z 27006kt 9999 few018 30/25 q1012= vrmg.

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Visibility. Cloud height. (Ceiling) TAF EFKT 190834Z 1909/1918 15006KT 9999 SCT006 BKN070. METAR ESGP 160220Z AUTO 00000KT 9999 BKN062/// M01/M04 Q1031 (AWOS).

ESSV METAR 171350Z 36011KT 9999 -SHSN SCT013TCU 02/M02 Q1022 R21/09//95 Low visibility procedures (LVP) established TAF. ESKS TAF (Data Unavailable). METAR.

The METAR can report clear skies, and maybe 5 miles of visibility, but in the air, the slant visibility is really low which makes it incredibly difficult to pick out the airport. During the summer months in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve flown many days where the weather was reported as VFR, but I flew and instrument approach.

5 Sep 2016 This is part 4 of a tutorial series to help you understand how to decode a METAR. Infinite Flight Pilot and ATC User Guide:  the METAR code will still be GRN due to poor visibility. During taxi, a military pilot will receive weather info from ground control in the format: “Condition BLUE  TAF-handboken utfärdas av SMHI och får inte kopieras och spridas utan SMHI:s medgivande. Beställning CAVOK.

A (very) brief introduction to the Australian version of METAR code from 180 degrees (south) averaging 16 knots; 9999 = visibility in metres, i.e. 9999 metres or 

DEPARTED 7h 6m AGO. 14:41CET. Borlange (BLE).

Metar visibility 9999

Cloud details: Övervägande molnigt 1219 m. 2021/01/07 05:30 LEVC 070530Z 27004KT 9999 -RA BKN040 05/05 Q1012 TEMPO 4000 RA  Visibility: 10 km. Cloud details: Few Clouds 457 m.

If 0000 is shown it would indicate that the visibility is less than 50 metres. If 9999 is shown it indicates that the visibility is 10 km or more.

D v: In case of marked directional variation in visibility, the approximate direction of minimum and maximum visibility is given as one of eight compass points (N, SW, …) The upper bound for visibility reporting is 9999, which indicates the visibility exceeds 10 kilometers. In North America, the METARs deviate from the standard format by using non-standard units.
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Visibility 9999 means the visibility is greater than 10 km / / means this part of the METAR is not available (ie cloud and visibility not available from an automated weather station) SCT025 is scattered cloud base 2500 ft. 19/04 is the temperature (19 deg C) and dewpoint (4 deg C). Temperature and dew point can be used to calculate relative

Prevailing visibility above 9999 metres is reported in kilometres, eg 10 km When visibility is 10 km and above and the conditions for the use of CAVOK do not apply, visibility shall be indicated as 9999. When visibility is below 50m, visibility shall be indicated as 0000.

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Inställningar för att till exempel visa METAR i översta raden görs via Gör inte detta steg om ” Low Visibility Procedures ” är i användning.

Pressure 1020 hPa. Visibility 10 km or more. Change units. METAR: LIPO 160450Z AUTO 03008KT 9999 FEW076/// 05/01 Q1020  METAR TAF : Current weather observation and Forecast, Kraljevo Morava Airport Visibility 10 km or more. Broken clouds at a height of 5000 ft. Change units. METAR: LYKV 311200Z 30005KT 260V350 9999 BKN050 18/06 Q1025 NOSIG   Visibility: 10 km.